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Hi guys,

It's been a month now since I have passed my Terraform Associate certification exam by Hashicorp. No, this is not a blog where I will be discussing how I prepared for the exam. You can easily get that by clicking on the first or the second link of your google search. Here, I will be discussing what terraform is and why most of the developers these days are relying on it. …

Shoot for the moon!


Hi People,

So, recently I have passed my AWS Solutions Architect-Associate exam. And since then I have been receiving multiple texts from people regarding this exam and how I cleared this. So, I thought it’s better to pen down my experience here.

How I approached this exam

Talking about the AWS Solutions Architect-Associate Exam, it is of 1000 marks and to pass the exam you have to exceed the cut-off of 720 marks i.e. the passing criteria for this exam is to get a score of 72%. The duration is of 130 minutes(Trust me, you will finish your exam before that. I have submitted it…

Hope it’s running.


“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”- Albert Einstein

Can I find a better quote to kick-start this article!

This article will be about Status checks of the EC2 instances which are one of the keys when we talk about monitoring healthiness of the EC2 instances.

Monitoring and troubleshooting are an important part of keeping our software and hardware run properly. The status checks are really important if we look at monitoring aspect of the EC2 instances. Status checks let us check if the EC2 instance is running properly or not without…

Rotating it timely.


Sometimes, while working with the logs or cross-checking them, we come across some problems like 100% disk space utilization which is due to the fact that all the space has been consumed by our older logs whilst there is no space left for the new logs and then, there we are… stuck with the issues related to troubleshooting and monitoring. We can’t trace those logs because they don’t even exist. The files have already consumed their maximum limit.

So, deleting these older logs is the only option we have in that case?

And if yes, is that a suitable and…

In the sea of Open Source.


One of the most useful tools we have come across and has been proved as a boon to the developers over the years. It is very easy and convenient to share and collaborate your work with git and also it is one of the most commonly used version control system. Git is hosted on various servers, which makes data setup and maintenance easy. But running your own server has its other advantages. You get a lot of control allowing your server to run within your own firewall. …

Showcasing my poor doodling skills!:P

Raspberry Pi and the working:

It is a microcomputer which has all the computing facilities. It is cheap and portable. All the computations which you do on your PCs can be done on Raspberry Pi. It has an SD card that is embedded into the slot on the Pi which works like a Hard Disk Drive. An Operating system will be installed on that SD Card which will make your Raspberry Pi equivalent to your PC.

Raspberry Pi can be connected to your PC using a LAN cable, Ethernet cable or wireless connection can be established using your mobile hotspot and SSH.

For connecting Raspberry…

Let’s buzzzz!

What is OAuth?

OAuth is an authorization protocol and it stands for Open Authorization. Many sites including Medium use it to directly log into another third party application without filling a separate form. Now, user don’t need to remember password separately for different applications. With the help of OAuth, the user can log in into multiple sites using the account details of the primary account. Like here we will be using Google account.

What is Passport.js and why we need it?

Passport is authentication middleware for Node. It is required to handle the authentication of requests. It is an authentication module used with the Express framework and helps in web development.


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